High performance aviary system designed for maximum productivity of your birds.

The Salmet Space-Z aviary system is based on the well-known and proven concept of the All-in-One aviary system. With this new addition to the aviary systems family of Salmet an even larger audience is reached.

The Space-Z is the first aviary system from Salmet without a center egg belt. For Space-Z we chosen to place the egg belt alongside of the nest entrance, off course fully covered so the birds don’t have access to the eggs. The nest is made of plywood with inside a soft and comfortable mat which prevents the laid egg from damages. The top tier is less wider than the 1st floor so the birds can easier move up. The loss of the width is compensated by having the egg belts in front of the nest counting as living space as approved by EU regulation.

The hens can move easily between the tiers of the system by using the perches and the optional available stairs. Feed and water is available at the different levels. Manure removal belts are installed under each level of slatted floor which contributes to a healthy environment for the birds.

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