Manure drying tunnel

Reduce the moisture content and gain profit from your manure

The Salmet manure drying tunnel is specially designed to reduce the moisture content of the manure, to a level of only 10 to 15%, without any alteration in the structure of the same manure.

Cost effective drying
The tunnel consists of drying belts, set up in a 6 to 16 tier system that is installed either alongside of the chicken shed(s) or as a standalone unit. The manure is fed to the upper tier and is carried in a zigzag motion to the bottom tier. During this process “warm” air from the shed(s) or air just from natural environment is blown directly onto the manure. The combination of solid and perforated belts guarantees a quick and cost effective drying of the manure. The final product (with a moisture content of 10 to 15%) can be either commercialised as it is or further formed into pellets.

Environment friendly
The quick drying of the manure prevents the transforming of the present proteins into ammonia. This way important nutrients are maintained in the manure and the environment is enormously spared. This organic chicken manure is practically odourless and a very environment friendly product.

Maintenance free
The tunnel is engineered to be effective and to require a minimum of energy, maintenance and labour costs. All components are manufactured from hot-dip galvanised metal and all bearings are maintenance free. The drive system for the manure belts  runs together with a special SALMET pressure roller that also works on the entire width of the belt and is designed to be self-cleaning. This driving system pulls the belt evenly, eliminates belt slippage and keeps the belt centred.


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