High Rise 3 aviary system

Combines easy management and animal welfare resulting in the highest laying performance.

The HighRise 3 system is the system to choose when you have concerns about the quality of the rearing of your birds. The system can be closed at several stages allowing you to give the birds some extra training and to learn them how to behave in an aviary system.

Control and overview are two key words belonging to the High Rise 3. The overview over the birds is good and you have easy access to the nest- and slatted areas due to a central walk alley. Nests, feed, water, perches and slatted area are easy reachable by the birds. The slope of the floor towards the nest makes sure the eggs to roll into the nest to avoid having eggs visible in the system. Perches in front of the nest can be lifted creating more space for catching and cleaning.

Manure removal belts are installed under each level of slatted floor which contributes to a healthy environment for the birds. Unique of the manure removal is the stainless steel scraper which cleans the belt perfect and has the possibility to track the belt of the end of the row.

Due to the design of a raised system the HR3 gives the opportunity to use the whole barn width as usable space.

Why choose the High Rise 3 aviary system:

  • Wide variety of system layouts
  • Easy management
  • Several options to train the hens
  • Nest, water, feed, perches and slatted areas are easy reachable
  • Long lifetime


Download for more information the Salmet High Rise 3 flyer. If you need more information you can contact us at info@salmet.de