A direct source of additional profit

With the Salmet manure composting unit poultry manure is treated and processed properly, and can be used as a valuable organic fertiliser.

The manure composter is built on a framework which slowly moves forward on a rail construction. These rails are mounted on concrete walls of 330 cm high. Once the fresh manure is put on the concrete floor of the pit, the composting unit begins passing through the compost lane and it mixes, homogenises, constantly aerates, and moves the manure towards the rear of the lane making room for another deposit of manure. When the  composting unit reaches the end of the track, it is shifted to the next lane by means of a simple and effective winch unit.

The procedure of removing, depositing and passing through the compost is repeated in a scheduled cycle that can be altered to a degree depending upon several variables such as no. of birds, manure composition, etc. When this stage is achieved,  we do not talk anymore about chicken manure, but about compost, a high qualitative natural fertiliser ( free from artificial or chemical products ), that  is odourless and has a moisture content of 15 to 20%. This end product can either be market as it is (in bulk or in retail packs) or further be palletised.

With the Salmet manure composting unit you will have a new direct source of additional profit, because of the possibility to market the manure.


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