All-In-One aviary system

The thoroughly tested All-In-One aviary system combines animal welfare and the highest laying performance.

The All-In-One aviary system is developed as a bird friendly, high performance system resulting in the maximum number of sellable eggs. It’s available in different widths (2000 & 2400 mm) to allow optimum use of the house and optimum stocking density.

The Salmet nest provides a very hygienic environment for the egg production and helps reducing heat accumulation inside the nest. The nest material is also very unattractive for red-mite.

The birds have easy access to the nests, feed, water and perches due to short distances. The unique, 5 – corner shaped Salmet perch is comfortable for the hen to walk on. Due to the sloped design remains are easily removed from the top.

Manure removal belts are installed under each level of slatted floor which contributes to a healthy environment for the birds. Unique of the manure removal is the stainless steel scraper which cleans the belt perfect and has the possibility to track the belt at the end of the row.

Why choose the All-in-One aviary system:

  • Available in different widths allows optimum use of the house
  • Perfect nest acceptance for the highest no. of sellable eggs
  • Nests, water, feed, perches and slatted areas are easy reachable
  • Very good hygienic conditions
  • Advanced manure removal
  • Long lifetime


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