Successful open house

SALMET congratulates Mr. van Bennekom with the opening of his renovated layer farm in Lunteren-The Netherlands. His renovated and enlarged poultry house, previously used as traditional layer house (automatic nests + slats) is now equipped with the SALMET All-In-One aviary system and suitable for 15.000 organic layers.
  • 28Jun

Open house
Many visitors were welcomed to see the new equipped house of Mr. van Bennekom during the open house on 27th June 2019.  As one of the first in The Netherlands Mr. van Bennekom has chosen for the Salmet All-In-One aviary system, a solid and robust system. The All-In-One aviary system has been developed as an animal-friendly system with high performance, leading to a maximum number of excellent quality eggs. Hens have easy access to the nests, food, water and perches.

Gernand has chosen to transport the manure out of the house on a flat belt located on the floor behind the manure belts. With this frame less belt a manure pit is not needed which contributes to a healthier environment in the house. The manure is transported directly out of the house into a container or manure drying tunnel.

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