Successful open house

On Tuesday August 31st SALMET hosted a open house at a new organic layer farm in The Netherlands.
  • 08Sep

The house is accommodated for 8.930 organic layers. In the house we installed 3 rows of All-in-One cage-free system. The All-In-One with reinforced  top slat and bars in front of the nest to protect the system when people climb into the system. The 2 outer rows are equipped with nests, the middle row is “slat only”.

Underneath the system the Salolit litter removal system is installed to reduce the amount of litter and to improve the climate in the house. Manure is collected at the end of the house with a manure floor belt. The floorbelt transports the manure onto the cross manure belt into the container.

The birds have access to a Wintergarden and the field outside. Eggs are produced as “organic/bio”. The All-In-One with the latest modifications looks very stable and solid. The customer is impressed about the solidity of the system.

Do your birds also need such a comfortable home? Send an email to for more info.