Introduction “save the recources” strategy during VIV Europe

Saving resources has always been an important goal in poultry production to increase output in egg- or meat production. It decreases resources such as feed, energy and manpower. With the latest geo-political situation, this has become extra important.
  • 04May

During VIV Europe from May 31st till June 2nd the new Salmet Salprogress+ system is introduced. An important, innovative tool for poultry producers to save their resources by:

  • forecasting the behaviour and performance of animals
  • forecasting the situation of the equipment
  • proper registering of all conditions and equipment in the house
    o climate conditions
    o animal conditions
    o energy control
    o management input

The result for the poultry producer is to have excellent tools to:

  • improve the output of the operation
  • reduce the input of resources, mainly
    o feed
    o energy
    o manpower
  • reduce maintenance and predict downtime risks

Salprogress+ is a customized combination of hardware, software and skilled poultry trainers. It helps customers to further improve the ROI and is available for any kind or brand of poultry equipment.

Ask for a demonstration, booth 12A010 during VIV Europe May 31st till June 2nd. Not able to visit VIV europe but curious what this means for your farm? Contact us for a demo at